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Parish Clerk: Fiona Forth
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About Furneux Pelham

Furneux Pelham or Furneaux Pelham is a village and civil parish in Hertfordshire, England. The village is one of the Pelhams, part of an early medieval larger swathe of land known as Pelham, in the Domesday book of 1086, including Brent Pelham to the north and Stocking Pelham to the east and north-east.

The village is largely linear covering much of the width of the parish from east to west and is buffered by gently sloped fields with some woodland to all sides. It is known for its ford (Violet's Lane) to the north along the upper Ash which is over 1 kilometre long.

Google Map of Furneux Pelham

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St Mary the Virgin church stands proudly in the heart of the village. Crafted from flint, the ancient building of worship dates back to 1162. The Norman de Furneux family, from where the village gets its name, regularly used the church.

It's medieval carved wooden roof was restored and elaborately painted in the 1960s by the artist John Norbury.

The spire has the motto "Time Flies, Mind your Business'" on the clock.

Welcome pack

A 'Welcome Pack' has been prepared to help you to settle in the village. It lets you know about the things that happen in and around the village. The pack can be obtained from Linda Gale on 01279 777117. It can also be accessed electronically here or use the dropdown menu.

"The Pelhams" Magazine

The 'The Pelhams Magazine' page (or use the dropdown menu) is the electronic archive of the monthly community magazine which has been delivered free to all households in Furneux Pelham and Stocking Pelham since January 2020.

Community notices

The 'Community notices' page (or use the dropdown menu) includes information that could be useful, for example, notification of road closures, surveys or any local event that is notified to the Parish Clerk. It is still being developed so if there is any information that you would like to see on this page, or linked to it, let the Parish Clerk know.

The calendar is also a source of events happening in and around the village.